marygold - my bow, my arrow, my target

new cd released feb. 13th, 2009 on EchoParkMusic

1. rocket chair [part I]
2. rocket chair [part II]
3. Q and A
4. glory box [part I]
5. glory box [part II]
6. mellow
7. rolling over... fool of myself
8. skip life [part I]
9. skip life [part II]
10. conspiracy
11. the end of a circle
12. up to the void
13. make the pieces fit

produced by patrik zosso & philipe burrell add. drumproducing by gregor hilbe & rob viso add. guitarproducing by kurt ebelhäuser add. vocalproducing by thomas büchi
mixed and mastered by chris testa

For fans of:
Radiohead, Mute Math, Portishead & Chokebore

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