THE JAMBORINES - “Tales of Broken Afternoons“ - Rock‘n‘roll with international

The charming indie-rockers “THE JAMBORINES“ from Yverdon (VD) are the winners of the MyCokeMusic competition 2010. With “Tales of broken Afternoons“ the guys publish their debut album, telling stories of life, love, and longing, under the “California blue” sky of Switzerland. In 2009 Yann Secrest (guitar, vocals) and Caleb Kylander (guitar, singer) met unexpectedly at a jam session in a practice room, somewhere in the french speaking part of Switzerland. After a long discussion, mixed with several drinks, the facts were clear…..both with an American passport in the bag, the west coast guitar sound in the blood, and a shared eagerness to start a new music project. 6 months later…the first EP from THE JAMBORINES appeared.

On “Tales of Broken Afternoons” (Anchor Platten/Irascible), THE JAMBORINES prove that also in
Switzerland, we rock‘n‘roll with international flair. The 11 unbleached, energy-loaded rock songs bring the Californian sun into the living room of each listener, and remind you of the good ol’ 90s, and bands such as Weezer, Nadasurf and the Dandy Warhols.

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